TV Preview: Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom

‘The Newsroom’ airs June 24th in the U.S and will hit UK shores 10th July on Sky Atlantic at 10pm.

I don€™t think it€™s possible to convey just how excited I am about this. I feel like a kid who€™s been trapped in a sweet shop, which is also a toy shop during a trip to Disneyland over Christmas with my new puppy€but suddenly I€™m no longer a child, and the toy€™s and sweets have instantly turned into piles of cash, Disneyland has turned into a Manhattan penthouse suite overlooking times square and the puppy has morphed into Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. But damn, that€™s my girlfriend on the phone€she says it€™s ok!! Got the picture? Good, let€™s move on! In all seriousness, I€™m a massive Aaron Sorkin fan€I love Sports Night, The West Wing is my favourite TV series of all time, The Social Network was great and Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip is one of the most tragically underrated shows ever. So naturally, I€™m going to be all over this. I don€™t know much about The Newsroom, aside from what the trailer tells you, and frankly I don€™t want to know anything, I want to discover it as I watch it€the good old fashioned way. Too often now we know all there is about something before we see it, I don€™t like that and I blame the internet, anyway that€™s neither here nor there. What I do know is that it€™s going to be well written, intelligent, witty and insightful€but these are just things that come naturally to Aaron Sorkin. If it€™s anything like The West Wing, it will entertain us, inspire us and engross us. The timing of The Newsroom seems perfect, with the world lacking any sort of trust or faith in the integrity of the global media following scandal after scandal, none more damaging than the Phone Hacking debacle that has poisoned our view of the print media. Perhaps The Newsroom allow us a view into a world where those who tell the news understand their position in society as deliverers of truth, whatever that may be and not as corporate/government tools to portray the news how they are told. After all, The West Wing showed us a world where politicians were intelligent, moralistic, leaders of men and not a complete waste of space, no small feat. I really hope The Newsroom matches up to my expectations, but what I hope more is that its intelligent programming isn€™t immediately canned because of its inability to draw the masses away from trash Television as was the case with Studio 60. If this fails and CBS€™ TV Show based on the App €˜Draw Something€™ goes on to be a massive hit I fear I will lose what little faith in humanity I have left. €˜The Newsroom€™ airs June 24th in the U.S and will hit UK shores 10th July on Sky Atlantic at 10pm. Until then enjoy the three trailers below.
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