TV Review: Community 3.17, ‘Basic Lupine Urology’

All the tedious romantic plots and sentiment are put on the back burner this week as Community delves straight back into another concept episode, the highly anticipated ‘Law & Order’ parody.

rating: 5

All the tedious romantic plots and sentiment are put on the back burner this week as Community delves straight back into another concept episode, the highly anticipated €˜Law & Order€™ parody, in which the study group investigate who it was that sabotaged their biology assignment. It truly was Community at its best, showcasing as many minor characters as it could squeeze in and it will stand out as one of the strongest episodes of the season. Not to mention an appearance by €˜90€™s action movies€™ royalty, Michael Ironside. The entire episode stuck within the framework of a generic €˜Law & Order€™ episode, down to the sound effects, opening titles and even a twist ending, as well as using pretty much all the clich這s in every other police procedural going. The episode opened with the two janitors finding the bloodied corpse a squashed yam (sweet potato) in the biology room belonging to the study group. Professor Kane offers the study group a passing grade but Annie being Annie, won€™t take this lying down (to Jeff€™s disapproval) and insists of finding the fiend who squashed it. Shirley switches into Sergeant mode and sends her boys, Troy & Abed, on the case to investigate. The first half of the episode was focused on Troy & Abed, who channeled two aging city homicide cops for their investigation. At least they€™re not spending all their time in the Dreamatorium. It was great to see them both overlapping each other with the cop clich這s, particularly when they€™re both competing trying to button the opening scene with a David Caruso style one-liner. The investigation was a perfect excuse to bring back all of Greendale€™s minor characters (POP POP), who lined up as the suspects. Star Burns, I mean Alex, was undoubtedly the funniest, particularly as he insists a random girl kisses him to fool the pursuing Troy & Abed, another movie cliché that doesn€™t seem to work in real life. We only get a glimpse of Britta this week as she portrayed the forensic nerd, but it was still enough to make her look ridiculous, and a great call back to the fact she€™s a terrible photographer as the extent of her help is putting filters over photos to make them look €˜old West style€™. I hope that€™s a f*** you to people who overuse €˜instagram€™. The autopsy of the yam was another highlight, with Troy feeling ill at hearing that it was stepped on with anger. Star Burns eventually gives Troy & Abed a lead to make their first arrest, or citizens arrest, or whatever, if they pinkie-swear not to tell anyone of the meth-lab he€™s building in the trunk of his car. Little do they know how that would seal his fate. Probably his own fault for trying to fit a whole meth lab in the trunk, Walt and Jesse just about managed it in an RV. War hero and all round nice guy Todd is eventually arrested, and Troy€™s deadpan delivery of the Miranda Rights was perfect, €˜Todd Jacobson, you have the right to do whatever you want. Nothing you do or say can be used against you by anyone, but we€™d really like it if you came with us. Please and thank you.€™ The second half played out like a courtroom drama during biology class, with Kane as the Judge, Annie and Jeff teaming up to question Todd as lawyers and Michael Ironside making an appearance as Lieutenant Colonel Archwood (Ironside) to defend Todd. The argument in the Dean€™s office where he couldn€™t decide who to agree with was superb, Pelton is turned on by both Kane€™s honour and Archwood€™s uniform. Todd eventually confesses to accidently dropping the yam when observing it and the container burning his hand, Annie€™s little victory dance was damn cute. Jeff is suspicious as to why the container was hot and pushes for the truth, which unveils an even bigger scandal. Someone had sabotaged all the yams with boiling water, and only Vicky€™s yam is healthy. €˜Who€™s up for some Vicky, huh?€™ Apparently Fat Neil was, as it so happens it was he who sabotaged the yams so he€™d have a have better chance of getting laid with Vicky. At least he did it for love, and sex. Todd€™s reaction at being found innocent was priceless. A wonderful courtroom drama twist to end a brilliantly written episode penned by Megan Ganz, who has scripted some of Community€™s best episodes. The episode stayed true to the €˜Law & Order€™ format but ending with a cliffhanger, Professor Kane informs the news that Star Burns had died in an explosion after someone rear-ended his meth lab (trunk of his car) and it blew up. This is probably the darkest the show has ever gotten, but Dan Harmon had always said he saw season 3 as the dark season, let€™s hope this is the pinnacle of it. I can imagine it being Dino himself who€™s been wanting to kill off Star Burns and Harmon finally gave in. Let€™s hope he stays onboard as consultant for the next season, lest we forget he co-wrote €˜Abed€™s Uncontrollable Christmas€™. It€™s a sad end for the character though, no one even got around to calling him Alex. Next weeks episode deals with the study group€™s grief. The only major fault I saw with this week was lack of Pierce, who merely popped up once during Troy & Abed€™s questioning. Week by week now his character is becoming criminally underused and poorly written for. Britta only featured briefly too but at least it was funny! Overall it was one of the season€™s strongest, re-establishing itself as NBC€™s funniest sitcom. Only 5 episodes left of the season, let€™s hope they keep the momentum up, and the Chang-tongue, lots and lots of Chang-tongue! RIP Star Burns Alex Osbourne Community returns next Thursday on NBC with €˜Course Listing Unavailable€™
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