TV Review: Community Finale 3.20, 3.21 & 3.22

3.21 The First Chang Dynasty

rating: 5

The penultimate episode saw the study group teaming up for an €˜Ocean Elevens€™ style heist (although I€™m sure Shirley was channeling €˜Tower Heist€™) to rescue the Dean and save Greendale. Chang is now a ruthless dictator with his army, led by that bucked toothed kid from €˜Super 8€™, patrolling the halls of the study group. Chang increases the security for his 25th (I don€™t get it either) birthday party. Troy seeks help from the air-conditioning repair school, who inform Troy of the whereabouts of the Dean and how it€™s impossible to get to him in a fun heist montage, but can only help if Troy decides to join the air-con school, which he refuses, leading Abed to suggest an €˜elaborate heist€™. It was just a flat-out, fun, goofball episode, and an excuse for the study group to dress in over-the-top outfits, the highlight being Jeff as a Criss Angel style magician for the party, with Britta as his goth assistant. As well as Troy & Abed basically playing the same plumber between the two of them, before Troy sledgehammer€™s his way into Chang€™s office with a great reference to the €˜I€™m in€™ cliché from most heist movies, €˜It was just my head before, but now I€™m in.€™ The study group go with the €˜pretend like the plan is failing€™ plan, inspired by €˜Ocean€™s Eleven baby!€™ but even this screws up and Chang manages to lock them all under the cafeteria. Great to see the Dean had been keeping himself occupied with a Jeff doll, which he kept with him after being let out. Troy then signs a deal with the devil air conditioning repair school in order for their escape, as Chang will inadvertently blow up the school with a keytar solo. The study group work together with the Dean to make it past The Changlorious Bastards via a neon rave in the hallways, the best part being the Dean helping in no way whatsoever and just partying, which luckily carries on in the closing tag. Meanwhile Troy & Abed foil the firework explosion before Chang€™s reign is brought to a close as he is found out by the Greendale board. Chang doesn€™t put up much of a fight, €˜Carl, Richy, let me ex-chang€™, before running off to the air vents at city college. The Dean, now free, lets the study group back into Greendale before falling on the floor in ecstasy after Jeff€™s touches his shoulder. The episode ended on a down note as Troy leaves the apartment to live in air-conditioning repair school housing, I would have loved a whole episode of Troy living there. The farewells to each of his friends were great, particularly his ambiguous whispering in Abed€™s ear which turned out to be €˜I know you hate when people do this in movies.€™ Overall a great episode packed with slapstick comedy and antics that worked wonderfully, which restored the order after the study group were kicked out, setting up the final episode of season three as €˜business as usual€™ but with a touching ending. Next episode review below;

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