TV Review: Episodes 2.8

It’s the penultimate visit to Episodes and things may never be the same again.

rating: 4

It€™s the penultimate visit to Episodes and things may never be the same again. Sean gives Beverly a free pass to date Rob, Merc is being attacked in the press and Carol might be getting a promotion. After feeling sorry for himself led to calling his stalker, Matt is now regretting his lapse in judgment and can€™t seem to shake off her advances. Meanwhile, Sean is reacting badly to Beverly dating, and this gives the leads the chance for some very British awkward comedy. In the short time they have been in the US, Sean and Beverly arrived as a loving married couple adapting their sophisticated comedy for American audiences. Currently their marriage is in pieces, and both of them have slept with other people so any chance of a reunion is looking doubtful. The success of the talking dog TV series Merc passed on, is starting to cause problems for his long term career plans. Fearing a backlash, Merc attempts to create a series to rival it but his brainstorming session was less than successful. Carol is summoned to a meeting with head of the network Elliot Salad, she takes as a very bad sign. This is confirmed when he announces that Merc is going to be let go after his man of the year award, and Carol is top choice to replace him. Whilst it€™s difficult to see Pucks getting a second season, if Carol takes the job she won€™t want to lose her new best friend Beverly so Pucks might stay on the air. The real question is, will Sean and Beverly be able to continue to work together? The best way to describe Episodes would be to call it a hybrid series, it€™s not quite a British show (despite being shot in the UK) and it€™s not quite an American series. The fusion can work, and these last three installments have really shown how good it can be. James Purefoy makes his third appearance as Rob, and Dempsey and Makepeace star Michael Brandon makes a cameo as the impossibly named Elliot Salad. Whilst it got off to a bumpy start this year, series two has been an enjoyable comedy that has a bit more depth than your average sitcom. Series 2 of Episodes concludes Friday at 10pm on BBC Two
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