TV Review: Sons Of Anarchy 4.10 - Hands

Season 4 reaches a boiling point with its most devastating episode yet.

rating: 5.0

The latest episode of Sons Of Anarchy 'Hands' was another brilliant hour of TV and the most devastating of the season so far. Many scenes had me on the edge of my seat, some had me close to welling up and others simply had me wanting to look away in horror. It might have been a difficult episode to sit through in places, but it€™s one which marks another turning point for the show - the wait for each new episode of the season is becoming an ordeal in of itself. Much to my surprise, the hands of the title wasn't a reference to Clay's (Ron Perlman)€“ of which Jax (Charlie Hunnam) referred to as €œhalf dead€ last week - but Tara (Maggie Siff), whose found herself targeted by Romeo€™s (Danny Trejo) men. She managed to get a brief taste of what a life away from SAMCRO with Jax and the kids would be like, but it wasn't long before she was grabbed and pulled into a van by masked assassins. They hadn€™t counted on the return of Super-Jax who single handedly pursed the van on foot while popping shots at it. He may have managed to stop the van and save Tara from being executed, but she didn't get away completely unscaved - having her hand gruesomely crushed in the sliding door of the van while trying to escape. She may be safe (for now) but the fact that her hand has been irreversibly damaged means that her career as a surgeon could now be in ruins. This led to one of the many emotional moments of the episode, with Tara quietly expressing her regret to Jax over the fact that thier one chance of escape is now gone €“ they€™re stuck with the club forever. Tara eventually took out her frustration on Jax by shouting him out of the room, but it was the quiet moments beforehand which made for some of the most affecting moments of the entire run of the show. Both Maggie Siff and Charlie Hunnam were perfect during this scene, making it far more effective than similar scenes between the two we've often seen in the past. All of this distress came courtesy of the worlds worst Stepfather-in-law, Clay, who we saw nonchalantly discussing Tara€™s murder with her potential assassin and remarking €œdon€™t mess up the face€. All of this deceit and hatred comes with a price though, with Gemma (Katey Sagal) having become suspicious since Piney€™s death and witnessing him taking money from their safe for the hit. As soon as Tara ended up in hospital she confronted Clay in one of the most satisfying €“ if ugly €“ scenes of the entire season. I found myself literally cheering Gemma on as she magnificently laid into Clay, even pulling a gun and taking a pop at him. Sadly, that all changed when Clay got the upper hand and began to beat Gemma in what was a unpleasant moment to watch, but one which signified just how evil Clay has become €“ if anything Gemma was lucky to escape alive and not end up like Piney. Her final words in the closing moments ended the episode on a tantalizing cliffhanger. Sitting moodily in the dark and puffing away on a cigarette, she told a furious Unser (Dayton Callie) that Clay has to die. More intriguing was the method of choice to which she felt was most appropriate, telling Unser that he'd not only have to die, but it'd need to be at the hands of the son - or could that be sons ? It€™s incredibly hard to see how things will pan out from here €“ will Gemma really come straight out with the truth to Jax, or will she cut Clay down in front of the entire crew. Furthermore, with Clay unable to hide for much longer, it's hard to see how he wont try and cover his back somehow. I€™m also pretty sure that we€™ll see Opie (Ryan Hurst) discovering the body of Piney next week, which will only escalate things further. His reaction to Jax€™s truth about him leaving the club was a bitter pill to swallow, meaning that finding out about his father€™s death is likely to tip him right over the edge. I really felt for him when Jax told him that he should have left when he could, having simply stayed with SAMCRO through his friendship with Jax which even cost him his own wife. With all this inner turmoil going on, it was perhaps inevitable that Juice's (Theo Rossi) storyline would get a little sidetracked. His problems continue to grow, with Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) continuing to issue demands, even if Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) has made a late but welcome apology. With Juice now having to make contact with Potter on regular intervals and give up requested information, it€™s still likely that Potter might make a move on the club before anything can go down between Clay and Jax. €˜Hands€™ was another quality episode of Sons of Anarchy which has really made the latter half of the season riveting to watch. With an extended 90 minute episode next week and the recent announcement of the season getting an extra episode to allow the writers to satisfyingly conclude the storyline, there€™s still lots to come before we say goodbye to Sons Of Anarchy €“ and perhaps some characters indefinately€“ for another year. Best Bit: Clay Vs Gemma Worst Bit: Unser the crime scene expert (Really? He's not Dexter) Quote of The Week: €œHe€™s gonna die by the hand of the son€ - Gemma makes her plans for Clay explicitly clear, but she might want to run it by Jax first. Sons Of Anarchy continues on Tuesday nights at 10pm on F.X (U.S)

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