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The latest Sons Of Anarchy reiterated why you should never, ever, under any circumstances, piss off Danny Trejo.

rating: 3.5

The latest Sons Of Anarchy reiterated why you should never, ever, under any circumstances, piss off Danny Trejo. The rugged star of films like Machete and Predators is well known for his badass performances as violent anti-heroes and fits nicely into a series that€™s already full of them. With Jax (Charlie Hunnam) & Opie (Ryan Hurst) held hostage by some understandably angry Russians, Trejo€™s Romeo single handedly - with a little help from The Shield€™sBenito Martinez - kills half the captors without batting an eyelid. It€™s clear that Romeo has the club€™s back, but at what cost ? This new partnership between SAMCRO and the Mexican cartel was the most intriguing aspect of this second episode, with Clay (Ron Perlman) causing friction within the club by agreeing to run drugs without a vote from the other members. An understandably angered Jax agreed to play along on the terms that he€™ll retire alongside Clay, and the suggestion of Opie becoming club President. While the club has always engaged freely in criminal activity, drugs are normally off-limits - making it a tougher deal to swallow. With both men fighting selfishly for an ulterior motive against the overall future of the club, it€™s likely we€™ll see lots of inner tension along the way. Likewise, with Romeo already proving what happens if you piss him off, I€™m not counting things going entirely to plan - like most relationships the club makes, this could easily turn sour. Even if stacks of money are enough to entice most members of the club, Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) and Piney (William Lucking) are convinced that the deal will kill the club - and we all know that you should respect your elders. Elsewhere Gemma (Katey Sagal) continues her transformation into private snoop, digging further into Jax and Tara€™s (Maggie Siff) belongings after discovering the letters from John Teller - stashed away in Jax€™s luggage by Maureen Teller in the season three finale. She even went so far as to break into Tara€™s hospital office - being shocked to find a police report on John Teller€™s death, which is notably signed by Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie). If you needed more confirmation that there is more than meets the eye regarding Teller€™s death, it doesn€™t come much clearer than this. Gemma€™s sheer determination to find out what€™s written in the letters is impressive, although perhaps she needs a little work on her subtlety - hugging Jax early on and asking if everything€™s ok between the two with noticeable worry. She€™s one step away from doing the Larry David suspicious stare from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ray McKinnon continues to be memorable with his calm and collective portrayal of Lincoln Potter, who took the news of the death of his undercover agent with little remorse. Instead, the murder came as further proof of SAMCROs criminality - with Potter trying to understand the motive for the slew of bodies dumped at the Charming Heights development site. McKinnon€™s performance gives the idea that Potter is always thinking, deciphering and constantly having cogs turning in his head - without even saying a word, This makes the character a far more interesting and intellectual threat to SAMCRO than we've seen before. But while Potter is determined to meticulously build a case which will take down the club, Sheriff Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) took a slightly different - more hands on approach. Embarrassed by the clubs disregard for his authority as well as the cascade of Russian corpses left on the edge of town, Roosevelt paid a surprise visit to the clubhouse. Rather than his usual approach of firm but fair vocal intimidation, Roosevelt decided to take a fire axe to the club portrait wall in an epic moment of sheer anger. Even for us fans, destroying the portrait wall was a provocative and disrespectful act - meaning Roosevelt is likely to have signed himself an untimely death. But, even a destroyed clubhouse and tensions from the cartel drug deal wasn€™t enough to ruin the news of Jax and Tara€™s engagement - ending the episode on an emotional high with the club celebrating the news over a giant booze-up. The growing heat from Potter and Roosevelt as well as SAMCRO€™s drug running deal with Romeo hold potential for gripping storylines, but it€™s the mystery surrounding John Teller€™s death and the return of the show€™s Hamlet undertones which have intrigued me the most about these early episodes of the fourth season. ____________ Best Bit: Roosevelt's attempt to outdo Jack Nicholson in The Shining with an axe rampage in the clubhouse.Worst Bit: Having to wait to find out what Gemma is trying to cover up. Quote Of The Week: "I should have just stayed in bed with my wife....The porn star." - Opie on the downward turn of events. Sons Of Anarchy continues on Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX in the U.S
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