TV Review: Sons Of Anarchy 4.5 - Brick

After a suffering from a lull last week with a weaker episode, the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy was back on track in 'Brick'

rating: 4.0

After a suffering from a lull last week with a weaker episode, the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy was back on track in 'Brick' - with a number of interesting revelations, difficult decisions and even David Hasslehoff as a well-endowed porno producer. A good concoction for 40 minutes of quality drama. But, it'd be wrong to delve into discussing Hasslehoff's penis without first addressing the biggest reveal of the episode - with Clay (Ron Perlman) talking to a complicit Gemma (Katey Sagal) about his decision to have John Teller murdered. This truth over Teller's death has been clearly signposted in earlier episodes, but it didn't make the reveal any less of a shock - especially in the understated way it was finally confirmed. There was also something of a deceiving look in his eyes when promising to Gemma that he wouldn€™t hurt Tara (Maggie Siff) or Piney (William Lucking). It€™s impossible to tell with Clay how far he€™ll go to keep a secret from coming out €“ especially one which would ruin his entire standing as Club president. While the truth over John Teller€™s death was clearly coming, it was abrupt that it was brought about at the very start of the episode by an increasingly disenfranchised Piney. I loved the fact that he managed to control and intimidate Clay through mere suggestion, as well as making it clear that he€™d set up a contingency plan protecting himself if Clay tried to have him killed - hopefully an army of ninjas. This week also brought the return of the somewhat controversial storyline surrounding Sheriff Roosevelt€™s (Rockmond Dunbar) threats to reveal Juice's (Theo Rossi) ethnic background to the club. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Juice was forced to retrieve a sample of coke from the cartel shipment. Let€™s just say he needs to brush up on his stealth skills €“ being witnessed loitering around the shipment by several members of both SAMCRO and the Mayans, then falling to sleep outside with a brick of coke tucked into his pants. The conclusion of the episode with both clubs discovering the missing brick €“ leading to shifty eyes and angry grimacing €“ left me aching to see the next episode. How on earth is Juice going to get away with this after being witnessed acting weirdly around the shipment. I still find it hard to believe that the club would be too fussed about Juice€™s black father, but stealing a slab of cocaine for the rozzers isn€™t going to go down well for either party. The whole idea of forcing Juice to commit such an act came about thanks to Lincoln Potter (Roy McKinnon), who continues to quietly chip away at SAMCRO. Unsurprisingly, Roosevelt was worried about the dangers of playing the race card and requested animosity and protection for his efforts. After leaving the room, a colleague remarked to Potter that this wasn€™t actually possible, to which he responded €œShhhh, I€™m eating€. This bit simply reiterated why Potter is probably the most entertaining new character this season. Speaking of entertaining new characters, I guess it's now safe to discuss Hasslehoff, who made his first appearance in Sons of Anarchy as porn producer Dondo. It€™s a little distracting seeing the Hoff in the show €“ kind of reminds me of the odd Stephen King cameo last season €“ but in all fairness, he was pretty good with the role. If they decide to bring him back with a bigger part (let's skip the willy jokes), it might be tougher to swallow (oh forget it). There was a nice throwback as well - with a mention of realistic sex dolls freaking Tig (Kim Coates) out - in an amusing nod to one of his recurring traits. Despite acting as the clubs resident assassin, as well as dabbling in necrophilia, it€™s amusing that dolls are the singular thing to terrify him - even sexually pleasing ones. I was also glad to see Unser (Dayton Callie) back this week €“ being manipulated by both Clay and Gemma into retrieving John Teller€™s letters from Tara€™s office. The content of the letters suggested that Unser had also been lied to over the truth and it also seems that Gemma has also been manipulated. Will anyone be left on Clay's side by the end of this season ? We also had Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) facing the accusations over the murder of Otto€™s (Kurt Sutter) wife Luanne, and laying the blame at porno mogul Georgie. Otto wanted the culprit dead, but on deciding that Georgie€™s connections could prevent Charming Heights, they spared him. But, telling Otto that he€™s actually dead in person is probably a bad idea on all accounts. Likewise, Opie (Ryan Hurst) imitated Jax€™s questionable technique of solving relationship issues by sleeping with a pornstar (don€™t try this at home) after discovering birth control pills in her changing room drawer. It€™s a shame to see Opie reacting this way, but it€™s hard not to feel for the guy - confirming his continued struggles to adapt to life without Donna. Also is it just me, or does Jax (Charlie Hunnam) seem entirely different this season? The Jax of seasons 1-3 wouldn€™t hand Tara a wad of drug money with a smile on his face €“ has he forgotten this is exactly what he spent most of his time trying to avoid on behalf of John Teller's wishes for the club ? It€™s still tough to call if this season will match the quality of the superb first two seasons; with the story threads still slowly building towards what will undoubtedly be an exciting latter half. But Brick was a mighty improvement over last weeks episode and has left me eagerly waiting to see what happens next. _______________ Best Bit: Piney turning the tables on Clay and delivering a crippling blow to the club president. Worst Bit: Hey honey, I€™m home! I€™ve brought you a suspicious wad of illegal money! Quote of the week: €œShe taught me that I was more than just a big cock€ €“ The Hoff gets philosophical. Sons of Anarchy continues on FX (U.S) on Tuesday nights at 10pm

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