TV Review: Sons Of Anarchy 4.9 - Kiss

Act your age Mama (Not your shoe size)

rating: 4.0

Sons of Anarchy has been on a tremendous run recently and while the latest episode €˜Kiss€™ wasn€™t quite as stunning as last weeks stand-out 'Family Recipe', it was a quality episode that kept the drama building admirably. I€™m a little bemused over the sequence which gave the episode its sultry title, as we saw Gemma (Katey Sagal) giving Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) a smooch, as they discovered the body of Piney (William Lucking) - whom was brutally slain by Clay (Ron Perlman) last week, with a shotgun blast to the chest. Her reaction to finding Piney was understandably one of horror, but it soon gave way to conflicting thoughts over her feelings towards Clay. To me, it kind of makes sense that she feels an allegiance to protect the man she loves - whatever the cost. Not only this, but she also revealed her full knowledge of John Teller€™s murder, describing it as €œfor the good of the town€. With Unser threatening to call Piney€˜s murder into the Sheriff, she quickly decided that Clay should be protected and sucessfully managed to sway Unser with a seductive kiss, in what seemed like a simple use of manipulation. Then it suddenly clicked that there€™s always been something of a strange underlying sexual tension between the pair - especially in previous seasons. While there€™s no doubt in my mind that she was scared and clutching at straws, I€˜m not entirely sure that this is the first time something like this has happened. Gemma also seemed especially detached in this episode, and while it ended with her expressing her love to Clay and pleading him to stop, I€™d wager that like Tara (Maggie Siff), there€™s little more she can take before life as an Old Lady becomes too much. Clay on the other hand, is still a complete and utter bastard. Despite having his loving and emotionally fraught wife completely bare her feelings to him and plead with him to stop the bloodshed, we saw him casually flip out the mobile phone - given to him to have Tara asssainated - like he was ordering a pizza. Now there€™s a slim chance Clay was calling to say don't bother - but we€™re talking incredibly slim. If he€™d changed his mind, it'd been simpler to chuck the phone away and not call the number. I€™m pretty sure it€™s safe to say that Tara is deep trouble, even if she manages to flee Charming with Jax in tow. There was something especially hilarious about Clay whipping the phone out having immediately promised to Gemma that he€™d do nothing of the sort. He€™s clearly got no shame, but to be fair to him, he was probably aware that he had about 20 seconds till the episode was over. Seeing as Clay is continuing to act like a right gimp - and seemingly getting away with Piney€™s murder - I was rooting for Jax (Charlie Hunnam) when he finally challenged him. After being told by Clay that his mind is clouded by €œDr. Pussy€ we saw Jax slowly turn around with a searing look in his eyes and deliver an awesome threat of €œIf you ever talk that way about Tara again, I will pound those half dead hands so hard into this table, you won't ever be able to hold that gavel again". It all came about following the news of Juice's (Theo Rossi) attempted suicide, over what he and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) perceive to be the pressure of the drug trade and increasing heat from Lobos Sonora cartel. Seeing the effect head on - plus the reveal from Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) that Clay told him everything - finally has Jax turning against Clay to pull his brothers out of the mess they€™re currently in. Problems for Juice seem far from over too, with him finally meeting the puppeteer of all his recent problems - Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). With all the crap he€™s had to deal with in the past few episodes, being led into a room of surveillance on SAMCRO was hardly what he needed. It was hardly surprising to see him let out his pent up aggression on a regretful Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) - who was clearly full of guilt after seeing the heavy bruising on Juice€™s neck. Rather than cutting Juice free, Potter has just started with the deeply troubled club member. It€™s a testament to the quality writing of the show that we don€™t want to see the club, or Juice himself get blown apart by the investigation. Potter has gone from quirky inconvenience to a real threat to the club, although no more so than its own president. Otto (Kurt Sutter) also returned this week as another victim to Potter€™s manipulation - having been informed of being lied to by the club over avenging his beloved wife Lu-Anne€™s murder. I€™m pretty sure that with everything that he€™s done for the club and getting nothing in return, Otto is likely to play ball with Potter - we€™ll have to wait to see just how damaging it is to SAMCRO. Also this week we saw SAMCRO trying to unravel a difficult situation with the Niners gang, whom had begun trading with Lobo members, in a move which would directly affect the deal between the Sons and the Cartel. Things didn€™t quite go to plan peacefully, with several Lobo members gunned down by Luis€™ (Benito Martinez) men and proceeding to blow holes in the walls of the warehouse like they were playing Battlefield 3. Charlie Hunnam was excellent during the scene in which Jax begged for the lives of the Niners to be spared by Luis, as he lined them up for execution. It was also worth noting that Clay had no problems with the suggestion and didn€™t say a peep in support for Jax or the Niners. As Bobby expressed later on in the episode, it€™s exactly this kind of move which makes Jax the moral heart of the club. I was also again impressed by Benito Martinez, whom has made Luis a memorable character despite starting off as a mere sidekick to Danny Trejo€™s Romeo. For the first time in the shows run, I€™m almost beginning to become scared to watch the rest of the season through fear of what might lay ahead. Series creator Kurt Sutter has already shown us how dark he's willing to get with his previous work on The Shield, and perhaps the paths Sons Of Anarchy goes down will be just as ultimately tragic. It€™s impossible to say what's in store and it's going to keep us on the edge of our seats for the remainder of the season. Best Bit: Jax threatens Clay and his "half dead" hands. Worst Bit: The kiss was a little weird right ? Quote of the Week: "Relationships are overrated" - Clay would know... He prefers cold-blooded murder. Sons Of Anarchy continues on Tuesday nights at 10pm on F.X (U.S)

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