Twin Peaks Season 3: 30 WTF Moments From The Return Parts 1 And 2

David Lynch, The Master Of WTF-For-The-Masses.

Twin Peaks WTF

In this world, returns hardly ever work out. Given the recent explosion in misguided remakes and revivals over the last decade, virtually every announcement is now met with equal parts joy and one of those winces where you suck in air through your teeth. "Oooh", you cautiously think "yeah, that's... um... I just hope they don't ruin it".

To that end, there can not have been an intellectual property people were less keen to see awkwardly rehashed than Twin Peaks. Even to this day, and despite the entire culmination of the TV show being openly regarded as a dreadful result of studio interference, it still commands one of the world's weirdest and most wonderful fandoms.

But it turns out it's ok, because David Lynch.

In that rarest of moves (and obviously keen not to repeat the mistakes that killed the series originally) the studios took their hands completely off the wheel and allowed both Lynch and Frost free reign to make the show. The result is somewhere between a soap opera, a 50s sci-fi B-Movie, a supernatural slasher, a brutal road story, and the sheer Lynchian brilliance we all hoped it would be.

David Lynch invented WTF-For-The-Masses, and there's so much of it in Twin Peaks Season 3 it'll make your head spin.

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