Umbrella Academy: 10 Things Season 2 Must Include

If you think you’ve seen The Umbrella Academy do crazy, you ain’t seen nothing yet...

Umbrella Academy As Kids

The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s biggest shows, and after a glorious first season, everyone is awaiting the second with anticipation. It’s the sort of show that Netflix thrives on; it feels simultaneously too weird for TV and too good not to binge.

With one truly major star in Ellen Page and lots of special effects to add in, scheduling and post production means it’ll likely be mid 2020 before the new season drops. This means it’ll be considerably more than 12 months after the February 2019 release date of Season One.

With a rather long wait, attention from the fans has already turned to wish-listing. Season One was great, but there were a couple of things to improve upon, as well as lots of plot points which need developing as the story moves forward. There’s also been some additions to the cast, but we’ll get to them soon.

With a mix of elements from the comics, things which need continuation in Season Two, rectifying some missteps and injecting new craziness, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited for Season Two.

10. The JFK Assassination

Umbrella Academy As Kids
Dark Horse Comics

Second seasons tend to go bigger and better, so a simple way to go even crazier would be for Season Two in incorporate this iconic scene from the comics.

In the Dallas storyline, the Umbrella Academy ends up getting acutely involved in the assassination of JFK. To avoid spoiling the wider plot, we can just say it’s important for a number of timeline related reasons. While the Netflix show has a semi likely chance of using a version of this scene, the wider storyline will likely change completely anyway.

For one thing, it’s interwoven with Klaus serving in Vietnam, a story we already got in Season One. It seems very much like the Gerard Way comics are being used as the jumping off point for inspiration on TV, rather than being faithfully recreated panel by panel.

The assassination in question is carried out by Alison, who poses as Jackie O (still Jackie K, then), in the now legendary pink suit. As they ride through the Dealey Plaza in the motorcade, Alison whispers ‘I heard a rumour that the back of your head is about to explode...’ and then, bang.


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