Umbrella Academy: Did You Spot This Clever My Chemical Romance Easter Egg?

So Gerard Way exists in his own comic book universe...?

My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words

Given that Netflix's new hit superhero show, The Umbrella Academy, was created by Gerard Way (as well as the incredibly talented Gabriel Ba, of course), you might have expected it to be littered with My Chemical Romance references.

The reality is that the references aren't really there. Way does feature twice on the soundtrack - covering Simon and Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade Of Winter" and The Turtles' "Happy Together" with fellow MCR allum Ray Toro, but beyond that, if there are other references, they're deeply buried.

There are some nice Easter Eggs in the show, naturally - like the Nite Owl shop in honour of Watchmen (where the Academy got the inspiration for their domino masks) - and there's one homage to Gerard Way that stands out.


After it's revealed that Vanya wrote her life story and effectively turned "whistle-blower" on her own family, we see the back cover of her book, which eagle-eyed fans will have seen carries a review from Way.

The blurb reads: "An incredible read....A revealing portal into the amazing life of Vanya Hargreeves and the life she has lived. I couldn't put it down!" - Gerard Way


Of course you couldn't, Mr Way - you wrote it.

The Umbrella Academy Gerard Way Easter Egg

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