Unaired Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Hit Netflix

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars rejoice! It was announced today that the final season of the show, titled the Lost Missions, will air on Netflix along with all of the previous seasons. The news hit the web today courtesy of USA Today with an air date of March 7. The Lost Missions will be a 13-episode season that finally ties into events just prior to what fans witnessed on screen with Revenge of the Sith. In addition to the new season and all of the previous seasons, Netflix will also be releasing never before seen director's cut episodes as well so that fans can enjoy the whole experience all over again from a "certain point of view". The cinematic film that started the show will also be available for streaming. Star Wars: The Clone Wars follows Jedi's Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano from the events after Star Wars: Episode II up to the events of Episode III. After the last season ended, fans were left with a question mark as certain key character plots were left open. It was later announced that the last episodes, or lost missions, would be released at a later time. With the announcement that Netflix will be airing those seasons, that time is now. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions will hit your Netflix queue March 7. Follow @BrentDiNunzio on Twitter.
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