V Wars Review: 5 Ups & 3 Downs


5. Its Mostly Well-Paced

V Wars Ian Somerhalder

Say what you will about V Wars, but it certainly doesn't beat around the bush. No, instead of teasing us with never-ending mysteries and drawing out the supernatural elements (something that admittedly might have gifted it with a few more horror tropes), it gets right into the heart of the story rather quickly.

The pacing of the show is one of its best attributes and, given that Netflix has struggled in recent years with the pacing of their relatively short seasons, this a huge victory for a 10-episode season. It's not perfect by any means but when you take into account that, by the end of the first episode, the secret about vampires is out and the protagonist is drawn into the conflict, it does a great job.

Not only does that prevent the need for the tropey 'are vampires real!' mystery, it allows the writers to spend their time exploring the mystery of what makes these vampires so intriguing - something that fits neatly into their remotely realistic approach.

Speaking of which...

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