Vikings: 7 Surprising Facts About The Real Bjorn Ironside

Separating the facts from the fiction of Ragnar's first son...

Vikings Bjorn
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Bjorn Ironside played by ­­­Alexander Ludwig in the overly popular show Vikings has been a major fan favourite since season one. You may remember the soul crushing scene when little Bjorn chose to leave with Lagertha, his mother rather than stay with his father Ragnar Lothbrook in Kattegat.

Ever since then, we watched him power through many trials and an overwhelming number of sexual partners. But is the Bjorn you know and love any different to the real Bjorn Ironside who dominated throughout the ancient stories of 9th century Vikings, and their victims?

7. Untimely And Undeserved Death

Vikings Bjorn

Most characters in Vikings came to a fitting end. Ragnar died in line with the story in the sagas, Lagertha passed in an interesting twist by Hvitserks insanity, Even good old Sigurd faced a death he had coming for a while, for being such a bully to Ivar.

But season 6 Episode 10 shocked all fans, especially those who know that Bjorn Ironside ends up fathering three sons going by the names of Refil, Erik and Askold, and most likely dying of old age as king of Sweden. None of this sounds like being stabbed out of the blue by his crippled brother who’s supposed to be climbing a mountain miles away from the beach, where Bjorn Ironside fell.

Even if you were rooting for Ivar to win, Bjorn’s death didn’t sit well with the majority of fans, so let’s appreciate the truth that the real Bjorn Ironside didn’t share the fate of Alexander Ludwig’s impersonation in Vikings.

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