Vikings: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best

Vikings rankings are always dangerous. They attract the worst, and corrupt the best.

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History Channel’s Vikings details the saga of the mythic hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. The compelling tale of the farmer who became Earl, the Earl who became King, the King who became a legend, and how power corrupted him into a downward spiral has spanned for nearly six seasons - with the second half of Season 6 expected to (hopefully!) release soon.

There has been enough blood, sex, and mead across the series' run so far that it is difficult to pinpoint who will come out on top when all is said and done with Vikings. The Vikings at the centre of this hugely popular show have certainly taken their fair share of holidays around the globe, with visits to England, France, Russia, Iceland and even the Mediterranean. This globe-spanning takes inspiration from real events, of course, as the real Vikings of old visited much of the world, but with enough artistic liberty to keep you guessing.

Vikings saw a major shift following the end of Season 4, with the death of Ragnar a pivotal moment which nicely moved the focus to his many sons vying to fill the power vacuum Ragnar left behind.

With generations of characters coming and going, the epic scope of Vikings proves it is truly worthy of entry into Valhalla as one of the best historical action dramas on television.

As for each season of the show, this is how they match up.

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