Vikings Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Lagertha?

How well do you know one of Scandinavia's most formidable shield maidens?


History's hit television show Vikings is a great blend between actual history and religious mythology. We get to learn so much about the Northmen of Scandinavia. The truth that we immerse ourselves in is following the lifestyle of these people, the work they do day to day and what they were most famous for - raiding into other countries such as England and France.

Life for women in Viking age Scandinavia would have been quite the desirable place to be for women in that age, boasting more power and freedom than most other settlements and cultures. Women were able to run their own households and had their own say in marriages, able to divorce if they so desired. For a people so barbaric they seemed ahead of their time!

One of the most famous women in Viking history was Lagertha, wife to the famous Ragnar Lothbrok. Breaking gender roles long before equality was an idea, Lagertha divorced her husband and raided along side the men carving her own path to power.

But how well do you REALLY know Lagertha the shieldmaiden?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of Her Daughter That Died?


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