Vikings Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Sons Of Ragnar Lothbrok?

No doubt you remember Ragnar, but what about his kids?

Vikings Ragnar

"They say a man must love his sons, but a man can be jealous of his sons..."

These words spoken by Ragnar Lothbrok are a perfect encapsulation of the Ragnarssons. Each of them was born into an intense level of prestige, thanks to their father's legacy, which helped to make them famous, but gave them a lot to live up to. Ragnar himself loved all of his children, but it was easy to understand how he might envy their might and power.

Vikings was a fantastic show, and one of the most courageous things it did was lose the main protagonist, Ragnar. However, instead of letting that be the end of the saga, Michael Hirst chose to keep the legacy of the former King of Kattegat alive through his many sons, and they became the focus of the series. This launched Vikings into a new era, which was arguable an entirely different - yet just as strong - show.

There was a lot to be learned about Ragnar's boys, and only the strongest of fans can recall it all. Think of this quiz as a chance to prove yourself worthy of Valhalla, to sit alongside the legendary King Ragnar and his children, although there are no promises that a high-score will guarantee you entry.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Attained Their First Kill At The Youngest Age?


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