WandaVision Episode 9 Breakdown - What's Next For MCU Phase 4?

White Vision going rogue, the Scarlet Witch's next moves, Dr Strange hints and more!

WandaVision Agatha Harkness
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Today we finally got to see the wild ride that has been WandaVision come to a close. With a slightly longer runtime than usual and a hell of a lot of loose ends and story to wrap up, we’ve been waiting eagerly to see how everything is gonna be resolved.

As always there’s a lot to unpack and discuss so I’m Amy from WC and here’s a quick breakdown of WandaVision episode nine.

We start where we left off before with Agatha and Wanda facing off in the streets. As Agatha releases the kids to the safety of their house, things start heating up between Westview’s two witches. Agatha informs us that she likes to suck the power from undeserving witches before Wanda absolutely punts her into the next century with a car, shortly before White Vision appears and does the same damage to Wanda.

Westview Vision appears to start his big battle with his greyscale counterpart and Monica watches on from Evan Peter’s mancave. There we find out that his real name is Ralph Bohner and he’s apparently just another poor schmuck that Agatha is keeping under control with a charmed necklace.

In the meantime, Jimmy Woo tells Hayward that he’s got backup on the way to bust his ass and Hayward calls his bluff. Turns out Jimmy was actually bluffing but because he’s a living legend, he manages to contact Quantico and pull in a favour for them to arrive within the hour.

Back in Westview, Agatha produces the Darkhold and reads to Wanda the segment about the Scarlet Witch- informing her that she possesses more power than the sorcerer supreme. Wanda isn’t ready to have that conversation yet so Agatha lifts her mindfog from the residents of Westview and they all descend on her, begging to be released or given the freedom of death.

It’s pretty rough.

Wanda unsurprisingly feels really bad and opens up the hex to free them, at which point Hayward drives forward the troops to enter. White Vision and Westview vision are still knocking bells out of each other until the latter (and Tommy and Billy) start falling apart because of Westview’s opening.

Oops! Wanda closes the Hex again and they all have a little Incredibles moment before splitting off to tackle different parts of the mess that is Westview. Westview Vision uses logic to destroy White Vision, who decides he is needed elsewhere and simply lets himself out of there. Monica gets shot a bunch of times but it doesn’t matter because bullets can’t hurt you when you’re a badass, and the kids single-handedly take down the military.

You keeping up?

Hayward is upset that his bullets didn’t work so jumps to the next logical idea and tries to run Monica over, but he is quickly rammed into a wall by Darcy in a funnel-cake van in what is the least badass takedown imaginable. It’s what he deserves.

Wanda gets all up in Agatha’s head and takes her back to the time her mum tried to kill her, but when all the drained witches turn on Wanda instead she goes super Saiyan and blasts herself free. Continuing their battle in the sky over Westview, it looks like things are all over for Wanda as Agatha continues to suck in her power.

However, what appears to be Wanda aimlessly shooting the walls of the Hex turns out to be her marking the walls with the very runes we last saw in Agatha’s basement: robbing Agatha of her ability to use magic inside the hex.

Wanda takes her power back and then some, at the same time reaching her full Scarlet Witch potential and donning the famous outfit we saw teased in the promotional material. And damn does she look good!

In order to deal with Agatha’s meddling, threatening personality she traps her inside her own head: dooming her to a live of being no more than a nosy neighbour unable to use magic or cause harm. Aware now of the damage she’s done, she returns home with her family and closes the Hex.

As the walls draw in we have a heartfelt goodbye to her kids and Vision- whom she is about to see die for a third time! All said and done, Wanda zooms off into the distance as Monica is summoned by a mysterious friend of her mother’s by a skrull, the friend we assume to be Nick Fury.

In our post credits scene (not to be confused with the mid-credits scene) we see Wanda having a thermos moment out in the forest somewhere, giving us serious Doctor Strange vibes even before the camera takes us into a back room where a second, more witchy version of Wanda is hovering in the air studying the darkhold, the cries of her children heard faintly in the background.

So, where to begin?

5. What's Next For Agatha?

WandaVision Agatha Harkness
Marvel Studios

This episode finally dispelled all those rumours and theories of a rogue Mephisto experience, showing us that really it was just Agatha All Along (ha ha). She’s a jealous, spiteful and well-studied witch but we know now that Wanda has literally got more power than the sorcerer supreme, so why she thought she stood a chance we’ll never know.

What’s next for Agatha is an interesting question: it seems that she is doomed to stay in Westview living as a regular citizen and annoying neighbour. It’s interesting to see her role in relation to Wanda be so different from that of the comics. Where there she is a mentor and a source of knowledge, here she is somewhat of a ward of Wanda’s. It may be that Wanda comes to her from time to time for her expertise but she won’t be doing any magic of her own any time soon.

It’s also worth noting that the book in her basement was confirmed as being the Darkhold, something we were hesitant to believe before given the Darkhold’s previous appearance in Agents of SHIELD. However, continuity from that era definitely isn’t Marvel’s priority so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

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