WandaVision Episode 9 Breakdown - What's Next For MCU Phase 4?

3. What's Happened To White Vision?

WandaVision Agatha Harkness
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White Vision is next on the list because even if he was only around for a sum total of about thirty seconds before he zoomed off into nowhere, he’s definitely another character with big potential.

One couldn’t help but note the undertones in him and Westview Vision’s logic puzzle in which it seemed they were insinuating that they were two parts of a whole. The former is a body without a mind, essentially, and the latter is a mind and a memory without a body. Lots of people were theorising that they could come together in some way and that could still be the case.

When Wanda speaks to Westview Vision before his third death, being pulled away to nothingness as the Hex dissolves, she says that he is the part of the mindstone that lives in her. If she were to locate White Vision, could she use her power to infuse him with the classic Vision Mojo? All the memories and the experience and the emotion? At that point she would essentially have Vision back, just in the wrong colour- which can easily be solved with a lick of paint.

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