Westworld Quiz: Who Said It - Delores, Maeve, Bernard Or Ford ?

These violent delights have violent ends...

Westworld Anthony Hopkins Robert Ford

The ultimate theme park of the future, where you can go and become whoever you want to be in your very own western. Westworld is a place where animatronic characters learn who they are, what they were designed to do and just who created them.

Though at first, Westworld appears to be the perfect playground for adults. A place where they find their true selves, through violence and lust. Things in the park quickly begin to change when some of Westworld's residents start to learn just who and what they are.

Dolores and Maeve start to uncover what they have been built to do and set about to change their perpetual fates. Bernard one of the park's highest ranking designers learns that things in his own world are not what they appear, whilst Dr Robert Ford the ultimate puppet master behind the scenes.

A show about the most immersive theme park you could ever imagine, asks you to question all that it means to be human.

With all the twists and turns of Westworld, you'd be forgiven to forget who said what over the course of the show. Can you tell who said what from 4 of the shows main characters? Let's find out!

1. Your Mind Is A Walled Garden, Even Death Cannot Touch The Flowers Blooming There.


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