Westworld Season 2 Episode 3: 11 Big Questions After 'Virtu E Fortuna'

So that's where the tiger came from.

Westworld Questions

This article contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 3, Virtu e Fortuna.

Westworld Season 2 continues to captivate and confound viewers in its third episode, which sees the world open up exponentially.

Last week's episode, Reunion, and season premiere Journey Into Night both had a large focus on 'The Door' and the new game being played by the Man in Black, but he sits this one out as we instead get our human side of the story through Grace, and a new, Indian-themed world.

After a thrilling chase that explains the tiger we previously saw in Westworld, the focus is back on the hosts: Dolores and her uprising, Maeve's search for her daughter, and Bernard's attempts to figure out what's going on while hiding his true identity.

It's another strong episode, but in true Westworld style the reveals only bring about many more questions.

11. What Other Parks Are There?

Westworld Tiger

The cold open introduces us to a new world, but it's not the much-hyped ShogunWorld that was first teased last year.

Instead, this is what Stubbs referred to as "Park 6", which we know thanks to the presence of the tiger that'll later wash-up on the shore of Westworld.

The setting appears to be Colonial-era India, when the country was controlled by the British Raj, with some strong Rudyard Kipling vibes about the place, which is going by the name RajWorld (or simply The Raj).

That means three of the six parks are now accounted for, so what could the other three look like, and just when will we get to see them?

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