Westworld Season 2 Review: 10 Spoiler-Free Reactions To The First Five Episodes

A violent delight.

Westworld Man In Black

Bring yourself back online.

After a year-and-a-half away, Westworld is finally ready to return. The series became HBO's new big hit when it made its long-awaited debut towards the end of 2016, offering up a tale of Artificial Intelligence blended with the moral grey areas, sex, and violence we've come to expect from the cable giant.

Created by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, with backing from J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company, the show was full of more twists and turns than the Maze that lay at the centre of its narrative, sending Reddit into a weekly frenzy - the downside to that being most of the biggest reveals were actually predicted ahead of time.

The showrunners have been open about ahead of Season 2, promising they have a way to handle it, said they were going to leak spoilers themselves, and then delivering the biggest Rickroll of the decade. It's got people talking, at least, but what about the actual show?

Following on from the explosive finale, Season 2 will really start to escalate the war between the humans and the hosts, while expanding the world of the show - including a trip to the previously teased ShogunWorld - and raising the stakes and no doubt attempting to trip us all up. How does it stack up to Season 1? Is the show's April 22nd return programmed for success? After seeing the first five episodes, here's a spoiler-free look at where Westworld's at now that it is, at long last, back online and on TV.

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