What Happened Next? 10 Planned Seasons Of Cancelled TV Shows

And yes, Fox cancelled four of them...

Tru Calling

There is nothing more frustrating than great TV shows getting cancelled while other mediocre ones continue to get renewed year after year. Worse still are shows that end on an almighty cliff-hanger that will never be resolved. But such is the way of TV these days, as the battle for ratings means shows can die no matter how good they might be.

Twin Peaks ended on a cliff-hanger that was never to be resolved. The cancellation of the show due to falling ratings (primarily because the central mystery was resolved) meant that fans of this cult classic never knew what happened after the infamous "How's Annie?" moment, which saw the central character possessed by the evil Bob after his trip to the Black Lodge. Fortunately for all of us, Showtime has resurrected the show two and a half decades later with David Lynch finally directing the resolution to that major mystery.

Others show however were not quite so lucky and while many ended with no planned next step in the series' continuation, if you trawl the internet you'll be able to find glimmers of information that tell us what would have happened next. Here are the planned next seasons for ten cancelled TV shows that never came to fruition.

Warning, spoilers for all. If you haven't seen the show and plan to, move onto the next...


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