What Riverdale's Cast Look Like In The Comics

The live-action town of Riverdale looks a bit different than it did on the page.

Riverdale Show Comics
The CW/Archie Comics

In the midst of Marvel's Netflix series and DC's Arrowverse, another exceptionally dark and harrowing comic book TV show has popped up recently. And it's one that most people probably didn't see coming.

Early this year, Riverdale debuted on The CW, featuring the classic characters of Archie Comics. However, as opposed to silly love triangles and school dances, Archie and co. now have to deal with such things as illicit relationships, drug-related filicide, gang wars, and serial killers.

In other words, this isn't your dad's Archie.

That said, just how much have the characters themselves changed? Well, just like virtually any comic book adaptation, it varies. Some of the characters are almost exactly the same, in terms of both look and personality, but with some subtle yet significant alterations. Meanwhile, there are other characters who are almost completely unrecognizable. And considering the stark contrast between the show and the source material, both of these things make perfect sense.

Riverdale is now well into its second season, which means there's been plenty of time to see a good amount of the Archie characters who have been given the modern live-action treatment. Here's how they compare to their old, printed selves.

31. Jason Blossom

Riverdale Show Comics
Archie Comics/The CW

In The Comics

Jason is the twin brother of Cheryl Blossom and, naturally shares her (and the rest of the Blossom family's) red hair. For the most part, he's also every bit as vain as his sister.

In The Show

Jason Blossom is exactly the same in terms of looks. However, you only ever get a good look at him during flashbacks, as it is his murder that is the driving plot point behind season one. Apart from that, he's mostly just shown as a cold, rotting corpse.

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