What The BoJack Horseman Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Who's the man behind the horseman?

Alison Brie Bojack

BoJack Horseman is due to end on January 31st, drawing time on one of the best cartoons of the 21st Century. The show was hilarious, heartbreaking and deeply layered, and it had an absolutely all star cast to boot.

To keep things manageable here, stars need to have been in at least five episodes to make the cut. The top five here have all been in every single episode (aside from Free Churro, which was just dear old BoJack), but there’s been some phenomenal supporting stars too.

It’s not everyone whose been in five episodes or more here, just the 20 most notable. That rule does however mean the likes of Alan Arkin, Andre Braugher, Sharon Horgan, Olivia Wilde, Keegan Michael Key and Lakeith Stanfield all miss out. They played JD Salinger, Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz, Courtnay Portenoy, Charlotte Moore, Sebastian St Clair and Guy, respectively.

With all those missing out, it just goes to show the immense talent behind BoJack Horseman. Though less of an ensemble show than most and each episode being mainly carried by the central five, there’s been some huge names working with them over the years.

22. Lisa Kudrow (Wanda)

Alison Brie Bojack

Friends alum Lisa Kudrow played an owl called Wanda, although a fish would have worked better for the joke. Wanda has been in a coma since the ‘80s, and wakes up to find her life totally changed.

Kudrow’s delivery, in wonderment at the new technology yet completely dry, is what makes Wanda so charming. When talking about not knowing who’s alive or dead - she starts a fight between Diane and Mr Peanutbutter about Tony Curtis - she says ‘Sinatra was a real curveball’.

When she adds ‘Ditto most of my family’ a few seconds later, it perfectly sums up how funny Wanda can be.

She gets with BoJack, marking one of the first (potentially) healthy romantic relationships he’s ever had. In the end, it all falls apart after BoJack supports Diane’s self loathing, though only to make himself feel better about his own self loathing.

It’s a relatively quick dip in and out, but to be honest it’s exactly what he needed. It just took him a few more years to figure it out.


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