What The Family Guy Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Have you ever wondered what the actors behind Family Guy looked like IRL?

Family Guy Voice Actors
20th Television / Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Like The Simpsons and South Park, Family Guy's long-running conceit has slowly evolved throughout the years to be a broad, bombastic and multi-layered series where the ancillary characters surrounding the original main cast are just as beloved.

Think about the concept of South Park when it first aired, and you'll imagine four foul-mouthed boys going on crude adventures. Use the same formula for Family Guy, and what you have is a show about a hard-drinking family man doting on his lovable but quirky family.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years since it first aired, and Family Guy has become a completely different animal of a show since it first began.

It's not just the concept of the Griffin Family that has changed - we as an audience have grown to love and appreciate the other absurd characters in the show. Bosses, neighbours, friends and enemies alike have won over many audience members, and it will be safe to say they are just as important to the show as the Griffin Family are.

So let's take a moment to recognise not just the characters, but the brilliant voice actors behind them. Some of these you might already know, and others are sure to surprise you.

12. Drew Barrymore - Jillian

Family Guy Voice Actors

The Character: Brian's incredibly dumb, but adorably naive, on-off girlfriend Jillian.

She has become somewhat of a regular since her debut back in Season 5 of the show. Since her arrival, Jillian has been the butt of many jokes; displaying her low intelligence in various mind-boggling ways like believing a box of mints were an iPod, or believing lemons are murdered to make lemonade (which is kind of true to be fair).

She may be the dumbest character in the room, but her naive and good-hearted nature is endearing to audiences, and even though she mistook Christmas for Easter, she was still way too good for Brian.

The Actor: Do we really need to give Drew Barrymore an introduction? She's been on the Hollywood scene for so long (she was a child star after all) it would take forever to list her credits.

Most notably though she has been attached to films like E.T, Boys on the Side, Batman Forever, Scream, Never Been Kissed and the Charlie's Angels films.


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