What The Simpsons Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Meet the faces behind the yellow family.


The Simpsons is probably the most legendary cartoon of all time, which the cast picking up massive pay cheques. Despite the huge legacy of the show though, not very many of the cast are actually recognisable. Big fans would be able to pick them out on the street, but the average Joe probably couldn't even pick them out of the line up.

In some cases, the cast just lend their voice to a small handful of voices, but for some of the most talented actors on the roster, they bring Springfield to life all by themselves. It's fascinating to read the cast list and see the range of voices some of the actors bring to life.

The show is still going, well, not strong, but certainly it's still going. 31 seasons in, while it's not of Golden Age quality anymore, there's still a lot of laughs to be had still. The show remains a pinnacle of animation, even if its best days are behind them.

With a few notable (and sometimes rather tragic) exceptions, a great deal of the cast have been there since the beginning, and have been with the show through thick and thin.

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