What's Your Favourite New TV Show Of Fall 2013?

Falltv The Fall television season is in full swing, with a handful of shows, both old and new, airing over the last couple weeks. The first few weeks for a new show can be brutal, as all eyes are keenly focused on what's good and what deserves an early cancellation. Each year we see a slew of new, promising programs bite the dust because they either didn't attract enough viewers, or because they were just plain awful to watch. Bloggers and internet commenters everywhere have been passing judgement on which shows are hits and which will most likely get cancelled, and for this weekend's weigh-in we'd like you to give us your thoughts. What is your favourite new show of fall 2013? Let's, for the moment, ignore the returning favorites like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy, and take a look at those with something to prove. Did Marvel's Agents Of Shield live up to the expectations of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe might look like on the big screen? Is Sleepy Hollow as good as its ratings suggest? Does James Spader's Blacklist push your button? Of the new shows that just launched, what will you be tuning in to week after week? Sound off in the comments below!
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