Who Said It - Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles Or South Park's Cartman?

Two beloved TV characters, two big mouths. But which one said it?

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For those looking for a good chuckle, Trailer Park Boys and South Park are two shows that offer up a ridiculous amount of laughs.

Granted, South Park does actually have an added layer of social commentary and satire to it, but then Trailer Park Boys has that famed irreverence to it where it's never afraid to just be a bit nuts and out-there. Either way, the pair of these shows are both fantastic in their own particular ways.

Of course, key to the success of Trailer Park Boys and South Park are the respective characters featured in each series. And when it comes to that, Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles and South Park's Eric Cartman have an awful lot in common. Both are often hot-headed, both can easily be stirred up, both aren't afraid to cuss out their nearest and dearest, and both can outright just be an utter d*ck at times.

What we've got here, then, are a bunch of quotes pulled from Trailer Park Boys and South Park, said by either Bubbles or Cartman. All you have to do is correctly identify whether it was Bubbles or Cartman that said each of these lines of dialogue.

1. "He Was A Loaner. I Loaned Him To You."

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