Who Was It: Homer Simpson, Philip J. Fry, Peter Griffin, Or Stan Smith?

The battle of the cartoon heavyweights.


Just about any cartoon show around today can point to the The Simpsons as some form of inspiration. The wild popularity of Matt Groening's creation helped open the doors for the likes of his next project, Futurama, and Seth McFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad.

All of these shows revolve around dysfunctional families, albeit a work family in the case of Futurama, and though this lends itself to the creation of several incredible key characters, there is always one that stands above the rest. These four shows really do belong to Homer, Fry, Peter, and Stan.

In Springfield, Homer is the undoubted centre of the universe, and one of the most well known characters in all of TV, while in New New York, the stories usually revolve around Fry and his struggle to adapt to life in the future. Similarly, McFarlane's shows focus heavily on the fathers of the families, Peter in Quahog, and Stan In Langley Falls.

One of the trademarks of these shows is the weird, crazy, and down right bizarre situations the characters find themselves in. Just how well do you know this awesome foursome? Can you tell the cartoon men apart based on what wacky adventures they've been on?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Was Electrocuted At A Race Track?

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