Why The Walking Dead Is Ending

You have until 2022 to say your goodbyes.

Gene Page/AMC

As The Walking Dead moves into rounding off the first half of its tenth season, the news doing the rounds is that the show's parent network, AMC, is planning on wrapping the series after Season 12 concludes in early 2022.

We Got This Covered reported the rumour, which comes from an anonymous source who also informed the outlet about an Aladdin sequel and a spin-off for TV show Arrow. This, combined with what executives have said on the record in the past, does provide a convincing basis for Season 12 being the show's farewell year.

But why is twelve the magic number? Some observers (myself included) wondered whether AMC would ever let The Walking Dead die considering it's been such a popular cash cow for the network, so to plan an end this far in advance seems a little out of character.

It's not that out of nowhere though, and there are plenty of reasons why a twelve-season run makes sense...


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