Why You Don't See Lost's Josh Holloway On Screen Anymore

Why Lost's best character didn't launch a stellar career...


Given how groundbreaking and hugely popular Lost was, you would think that anyone that was associated with a show of this calibre (think Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones level of viewership) would shoot off into stratosphere that is the entertainment industry.

And yes, for some, that was the case, those being the MCU's Wasp, Evangeline Lilly, and the current Godfather of sci-fi, JJ Abrams. However, for Josh Holloway, the actor that played the quick-witted, nickname-giving, conman Sawyer, that sadly wasn’t the case. And that was the most surprising revelation after Lost's end.

Somehow, the show's most popular character has only starred in a handful of projects since it ended. Sadly, it partly comes down to poor choices and those roles amount to a few bit parts in various films and shows, including Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and oddly enough, the children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba! Nevertheless, he’s had some larger roles as well.


Unfortunately, at the height of his fame, he wasn't able to take advantage. While filming lost, he spent a lot of the year in Hawaii, which meant finding other roles was more difficult. That gruelling schedule allowed for just two roles and cost Holloway two potentially star-making ones, in The Assassination Of Jesse James... and in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine.

From that point until 2014, he did very little, with movie roles increasingly hard to come by.


In 2014, he headed up his own show called Intelligence, which saw his character, Gabriel Vaughn, be implanted with an extremely powerful microchip that would give him the ability access information from all over the globe. Both critics and audiences seemed to like the show well enough, but overall, it didn’t gain enough viewers and so, it was subsequently cancelled after one season.

That’s not all though, in 2016, he was able to take on another lead role in Colony, which, along with The Walking Dead alum, Sarah Wayne Callies, saw their characters fight for survival in the aftermath of an alien invasion. It ran for three seasons but unfortunately, this one also ended up being cancelled.


So, what’s next for Mr Holloway? Well, that remains to be seen. A few fan sites have suggested that he could make a good addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially playing Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, but that’s all speculation of course and there's nothing else concrete.

He was always one of the stronger parts of Lost, displaying both serious and comedic talent, so here’s hoping that at some point in the near future, someone recognises this, and he has his rightful place in the limelight once again.

Because, let’s be honest, we’ve all been missing that charismatic, sassy energy he imbued our screens with. Maybe there's a chance we'll see him in the Lost revival?

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