Yeah, Robots! Aaron Paul Is Joining Westworld Season 3

Science-fiction, bitch!

Aaron Paul Westworld

Westworld is getting an upgrade, with Aaron Paul officially joining the cast for Season 3.

While HBO are understandably remaining tight-lipped on exactly who (or what) Paul will be playing, Deadline report that he'll be a new series regular, so we can at least to expect a lot of him.

This should be a great move for both the actor and the show: for him, it's the chance to star in another major hit series, following his brilliant, Emmy-winning run on Breaking Bad. He's since followed that up with roles on BoJack Horseman and The Path, but nothing that's quite matched the hype levels of Jesse Pinkman.

For Westworld, meanwhile, they get an actor who is capable of bringing a lot of humanity, emotion, and humour to his roles, which are things the series has been lacking in so far, and will be even more crucial with Season 3 taking us out into the real world. Of course, Paul could be playing a host, a human, or a host who thinks he's human, but it's going to be exciting to see him in the show regardless, and he sounds pretty happy about it too:

Are you excited to see Aaron Paul in Westworld? Who should he play? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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