You're Going To Want These New Limited Edition Game Of Thrones Boxsets

Beautiful death.

Game Of Thrones Boxset 1

The wait for Game of Thrones Season 8 may seem endless, with the Long Night truly settling in, but it's about to get a little bit more bearable thanks to the re-release of all seven seasons from HBO, complete with some stunning new artwork.

The limited edition boxsets each come with their own illustrated sleeve, courtesy of artist Robert Ball. He's the man behind the incredible Beautiful Death poster series, which are unveiled after each episode, and looks to have knocked it out the park again here.

The concept here is that each image is of a significant object, which on closer inspection reveals a momentous scene from the season it depicts. On one sleeve, for example, Joffrey’s silhouette can be found disguised as the stem of a goblet, while another hides the Baratheon stag amongst its layers.

They're really quite something, and coming at the perfect time to rewatch all seven seasons before the show returns in 2019. The boxsets will be going on sale June 4.

Game Of Thrones Boxset 2
Game Of Thrones Boxset 3
Game of Thrones Boxset 4

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