You’ll Never Get 100% On This Dexter Quiz

How well do you really know Dexter Morgan and the rest of this 'killer' show?


Through his wealth of knowledge and expertise as Miami PD’s premier blood spatter analyst, Dexter managed to live his double life hiding in plain sight. Devoid of any real emotion, Dex floats through life with the sole purpose of bringing 'true' justice to those who deserve it. The irony is not lost that Dex targets serial killers, in turn making him in to one of the biggest contradictory characters on television.

The show predominantly revolves around the psychology behind murder, emotions and Dex's 'close relationship' with his sister. Can any of Dexter's antics be justified? The real brilliance of the show is that audiences still can't decide if he is a good guy fighting a darkness, or a bad guy simply looking for an excuse.

The show is a unique concept mixed with a playful and somewhat cheesy spin on an extremely dark character, creating one of the most complex shows on television.

The show peaked in the iconic fourth series, and while it is common knowledge the show regressed after this point, the show is remembered for its refreshing approach and not what has been described as the worst ending in the history of all that is television - the less said about the fateful final scene, the better.

Call yourself a Dexter fan? Prove just how well you really know Dexter with this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Dexter’s Alter Ego Called?


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