You Won't Get 100% On This Scrubs Quiz!

You can't do this quiz all on your own. No you know, you're no superman!


There is just something right about having a sitcom inside of a hospital. There are so many scenarios that could go wrong, so much fear and dread. Having a sitcom in these environments really do help lessen a fear of these places, especially getting to witness events through the eyes nonsensical day dreamer like John Dorian.

In Scrubs there is a good balance found between addressing serious issues such as death and loss, and knowing when is the right time to lift the mood with something ridiculously hilarious. Watching this show has no doubt helped people with coping in difficult times, seeing how others cope in the show too.

Major credit must go out to the cast, especially Zach Braff and Donald Faison as the loveable, hilarious and sometimes questionably close bromance that is JD and Turk. The chemistry between the two is exceptional. What can you say, guess it's just guy love between two guys!

How much of a Scrubs fan are you? Bet you won't get 100% on this quiz!

Answers are at the end!

1. J.D. Makes A Shirt To Welcome Dr. Cox Back After He Kills Three Patients. What Does It Say?


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