You'll Never 100% This Twilight Zone Quiz

How well do you remember the show's most legendary moments?


Like any popular IP, The Twilight Zone just can't stay dead. Since its 1959 debut, the beloved mystery anthology series has enjoyed countless resurrections - most recently with its 2019 revival - not to mention obvious spiritual successors such as the brilliant Black Mirror.

Which ever iteration is your favourite - let's face it, the original's the best - The Twilight Zone made terrific use of its anthology format to tell a bevy of provocative and often socially conscious tales, holding a mirror up to society while also looking to what the future of humanity just might have in store.

And with almost 300 episodes produced across its various versions, just how well do you remember the series' best and most iconic moments?

From devilishly original concepts to stunning climactic plot twists and even the occasional surprise appearance by a now-legendary movie star, you'll need a mighty knowledge of The Twilight Zone - especially its original iteration - to get close to 100% on this quiz.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Who Created The Twilight Zone?


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