You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, time to find out if you're nearly as bright.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has managed to do what most other sitcoms fail to do, and that's last for an incredible 14 seasons!

Traditionally, sitcoms are episodes filled with a variety of characters who plunge head first into situations, usually coming out the other side unscathed, or at least for the most part, better than when the first went in. Well, not this show!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an exercise in cringe-inducing neuroticism and stomach churning situations, providing a concept both unparalleled and unapologetic in its execution.

It never fails to provide nonchalantly effective dark moments of eye-averting humour. Never is this more apparent than anytime the gangs' many victims, of whom are unfortunate enough to have the mischance of bumping into this band of uncongenial misfits are mistreated, abused and bemused time after time.

The one thing it shares with other sitcoms though is the unique array of different personas, from the endearing to the grotesque. Just how many characters can you remember?

Answers at the end!

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