You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Monsters From Supernatural

Only a true fan of Supernatural can score 100% on this Monster quiz!

Supernatural Bisaan
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Supernatural ran for 15 seasons, and throughout the show's run, the series threw tons of monsters at the Winchesters. Whether they were stabbing Fangers in one episode or taking down a particularly nasty Demon in another, odds are, they were up against something truly terrible.

The show was popular for changing things up as much as possible, so throughout a series arc, the boys might have taken down a series of monsters while making their way up the food chain. Supernatural dove deep into various mythologies and folk tales to ensure Sam and Dean always had something interesting to hunt.

Dozens of different monsters, gods, demons, and more stood in their path across the show's 15 seasons, making it difficult to remember them all. Only the most hardcore Supernatural fan could know every monster the Winchesters fought as they hunted across the States.

If you think you're one of those fans, then this is the quiz for you! You'll have to remember the various creatures the boys fought going back to the very beginning, so unless you've recently binged Supernatural, it's doubtful you will score 100% on this Supernatural monster quiz!

1. These Nasty Worms Invade A Host, Making Them Do Horrific Things.


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