You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Umbrella Academy Characters!

"Family Barbecues Are About To Get Real Weird!"


Hopefully by now you have binge watched all of season two of The Umbrella Academy! If not, *spoilers*.

The first season left us with a cliffhanger as the siblings jumped through a vortex with a lifeless Vanya who had just caused the apocalypse with her superpowers that her father had tried to suppress. Season two shows us that, again, Five's time-hopping abilities still need some fine tuning as everyone is sent back in time to different years in the early 1960s in Dallas, Texas, just before the Kennedy assassination.

Everyone makes the best of it and tries to create new lives for themselves, some more successfully than others.

Allison becomes involved with a black rights movement and gets married, Klaus becomes the leader of his own cult (with ghost Ben in tow), Luther becomes a prize-fighter and bodyguard, Vanya becomes a nanny and falls in love with the boy's mother, and Diego has ended up in a mental asylum.

Five is the last to arrive in 1963, where he meets an elderly Hazel who gives him an escape to go back ten days just before a nuclear attack happens. The clock is ticking for Five to round up all his brothers and sisters to stop another apocalypse.

The series is compelling watching, with lots of great new characters and an interesting look into American society in the 60's. The final episode had some amazing fights and twists and left us with some burning questions! While we wait for season three, see how many of the characters from the first two seasons you can remember.

1. Who Is This?


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