You'll Never Get 100% On The Simpsons Quiz

Time to test your knowledge of Homer and Co.


Is there a modern-day TV show that's more of an institution than The Simpsons? Likely not.

Having been on the airwaves for longer than any of us can realistically remember, The Simpsons is a phenomenon of television. Not only has this long-standing series made us laugh and made us cry, it's also one of those rare TV shows that has crossed over to become a mainstream pop culture icon.

Simply put, everybody has heard about The Simpsons.

Sure, some may argue that the series hasn't quite been knocking it out of the park as much as it once did, but it's hard to keep things fresh and engaging - especially to such a high level - when a show has been around for such a ludicrous amount of time.

Still, there are so many pivotal, legendary moments dotted through the history of The Simpsons - and hopefully there are still so many more of these moments still to come for the show over the next few years and beyond.

Taking a look back at what we've seen to date, though, here's a quiz that even the biggest die-hard Simpsons fan will struggle to get 100% on.

1. What's The Name Of Homer's Brother?

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