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How much do you really know?

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In various films and TV shows, there are many evil and malevolent vampires who are typically the main villains. However, these stereotypes were all subverted by a particular '90s TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

In Buffy, we meet Angel. He is a vampire who ironically falls in love with a vampire slayer. As the story goes on, we discover that Angel is in fact a vampire with a soul, meaning he must still live a vampire life, but without the ability to kill humans.

After having an on-off, Romeo and Juliet-like relationship with Buffy, Angel then left the show after three seasons and became the lead in his own spin-off series. Although it was never as popular as its predecessor, the show had a huge fan-base and ran for a respectable and fairly successful five seasons.

But just how much do you really know about Buffy’s brooding and moody vampire? Let’s see how big of a fan you are!

Answers at the end!

1. His Real Name Is Liam.

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