You'll Never Get 100% On This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

Even Santiago wouldn't ace this test!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most popular situational comedies to grace our television screens over the last decade, and very much deserves to be considered so. It brings together an excellent cast of characters, each boasting their own well-written personalities and quirks, while bouncing off each other with effortless chemistry.

This loveable bunch of detectives go from obstacle to obstacle, always managing to overcome the hurdles their eventful lives throw their way, while often learning valuable lessons along the way as well. Although this is a well-worn structure in sitcoms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages to present it in a way that keeps the audience constantly entertained, and the show never feels like it is repeating itself, and therefore well earns the large following it has amassed.

But how much of a fan do you consider yourself to be, have you been paying close attention?

Let us know how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. Which Medical Drama Does Terry Watch A Lot Of?


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