You'll Never Get 100% On This Friends Quiz

Test your might.


With Friends due to leave Netflix for HBO Max early next year - for American audiences, at least - there's never been a better time to swot up on everyone's favourite sitcom not called Seinfeld...or Frasier. Kidding!

Friends was of course a pop-culture monolith pretty much beyond compare, its most iconic moments embedded deep within fans' minds even if they haven't revisited the series in many, many years.

And so, it's time to test the full extent of your Friends fandom with this hardcore quiz, which starts off simple enough and quickly begins asking the tough questions only true fans will know the answer to.

If you (somehow) nail a perfect 100% score, give yourself a massive pat on the back, and maybe have a long, hard think about quite how obsessed you are with this show.

And if things don't turn out so well, what better time to refresh your Friends knowledge with a Netflix binge session?

As ever, the answers are at the end, and good luck!

1. What's The Name Of Joey's Agent?


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