You'll Never Get 100% On This Game Of Thrones Quiz!

Are you a true Game of Thrones fan?


Not many shows have grabbed the attention of TV fanatics quite like Game Of Thrones. After popularity grew with every new season, the fantasy drama brought in a record number of viewers to American network HBO. Achieving 58 Primetime Emmy Awards, the most by any drama series before it, Game of Thrones captivated an average of over 11 million viewers at its peak, making it a clear nomination for the best to have ever graced our televisions.

The 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 'Outstanding Drama Series' combined a sizeable cast with multiple story arcs, showing us the life and death scenarios on the Westeros and Essos continents.

From alliances to conflicts, fans became addicted to the battle for the throne, or in some cases the escape from it...

Throughout its seasons (including the final one, despite our efforts to pretend it didn't happen), we were introduced to some unique and intriguing characters, creatures, locations and battles, so how hard is it to remember some of the show's details?

With that question in mind, let's test how much you can remember from Game of Thrones!

1. Game Of Thrones Debuted In Which Year?


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