You'll Never Get 100% On This Joey And Chandler Quiz!

How well do you think you REALLY know the best of friends...from Friends!


With daily re-runs on television and streaming services such as Netflix playing it, there are newer and younger generations of people being woken up to the magic of Friends. Seeing for the first time the OCD mania that is Monica, the lifestyle of the rich to waitress in Rachel, Phoebe from another planet, Ross - The Divorce Force and of course Joey and Chandler, one of the greatest friendships in the history of television.

What makes Joey and Chandler's friendship so special is how relatable it is. From the moments they catch them doing weird things when they think nobody is around to the man hugs and genuine love they have for each other, you can't help but associating with these guys.

But how well do you know Joey and Chandler, enough to get 100%?

Answers are at the end!

1. Which Woman Almost Ruined Their Friendship?


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