You'll Never Get 100% On This Man In The High Castle Quiz

How much can you remember about Amazon's alternate history sci-fi series?

The Man In The High Castle
Amazon Studios

Adapting the novels and short stories of beloved science fiction author Phillip K Dick can be tricky. His narratives are often so metaphysical, concerned more with what's going on inside their characters' heads than with their actual plots, that adapting them directly for a visual medium would likely result in a boring and impenetrable mess.

Previous adaptions like Blade Runner and Total Recall have taken the basic building blocks of Dick's work and created something still recognisable, but also more accessible to a general audience.

The Man in the High Castle, being a four season TV show based on a single book, had the even more daunting task of taking the original text and expanding its world to fill a forty hour narrative. Thankfully, it succeeded. The show is a masterclass in how to do a thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging alternate history narrative with complex characters and lofty thematic ambitions.

But how much can you remember about the show? Do you know where Tagomi worked or what happened to Frank Fink in the end? Can you separate the alternate reality facts from the fiction?

Take this quiz to see if you can call yourself the strongest mind in the multiverse.

1. In What Year Does The Show Begin?


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