You'll Never Get 100% On This New Girl True Or False Quiz!

Only Zooey Deschanel can score 100% on this New Girl quiz.

New Girl Jess

If TV networks should have learnt anything over the last few decades, it's that viewers love anything they can relate to and what's more relatable than a young person fighting through their 20's with a weird ensemble of friends, a crumbling relationship and a difficult job? If the success of New Girl has taught us anything, it's that the answer, is nothing...

The American show follows eccentric and entertaining teacher Jess, as she looks to get over a failed relationship, after walking in on her boyfriend with another woman! After finding a new place in LA, Jess accompanies a bizarre mix of flatmates that could give the Village People a run for their money, including a failed law school student-turned-bartender, an arrogant ladies' man, a former-basketball player and a model.

With so many job troubles, relationship disasters and questionable living situations, how hard is it to remember all the details from the popular sitcom? With that in mind, in this true or false quiz, test how well you know New Girl!

1. New Girl Premiered In 2012.


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