You'll Never Get 100% On This Red Dwarf Quiz

Are you a true Dwarfer, or a total smeghead?

Red Dwarf Data Doctor

The genre of sci-fi comedy is one that has barely been touched upon in the grand scheme of things. On one hand, it's a real shame that writers don't add more whimsy to their heady existential stories - but on the other hand, the less saturated the market, the more we inevitably enjoy the handful of great sci-fi comedy shows we already have.

And Red Dwarf stands out as one of the genre's all-time high points, jam-packed with mind-blowing space jargon and cynical British humour in uniquely equal measure.

The show's popularity in the late '80s and '90s led to a revival of the series in 2012, and with the original cast and writers returning, the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf have enjoyed a whole wealth of new misadventures right up to the present day.

Despite the sitcom format, the series' half-hour episodes contain an absolute ton of lore, making for a goldmine of trivia that fans love to dig deep into.

So, you've seen all the episodes, have you? Well then, if you've been paying attention, this ultimate Red Dwarf trivia test will be a total cakewalk. Only time will tell if you've been taking the smeg...

1. What Was The Name Of The Ship On Which The Crew Found And Rescued Kryten?


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