You'll Never Guess Which Classic Friends Episode Features These Iconic Moments

The One With The 25th Anniversary...


Last month marked the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast of Friends - as much a cultural behemoth as it is a sitcom.

Even if you're not a fan, chances are elements of the show's DNA have crept into your consciousness over the last quarter of a century. Whether it's hearing people yelling 'we were on a break', or copying Chandler's odd sarcastic cadence; whether it's that ubiquitous haircut 'The Rachel', or any number of the show's legion of famous guest stars; the odds are good that Friends has gotten into your head somehow.

Over ten years, the show delivered any number of iconic moments - but to celebrate the 25th anniversary, let's see if you can match the moment to the episode. 236 Pivotal Internet Points if you get 100% - answers at the end!

1. Joey Lunges While Wearing All Of Chandler's Clothes?

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